Be happy with yourself – stop seeking approval!

I believe our happiness should be our priority, you know, and how we see ourselves and how we see life as a whole. And I think a lot of us are guilty. I’m guilty of doing this myself, and where we seek approval from other individuals from society. To be accepted, to gain happiness. We […]

Be unstoppable now – don’t delay your goals!

I know for a fact 100% you’ve got something you want to do. You’ve got something you want to achieve, and you’re saying to yourself, Right, I’m gonna wait until 2022 and I’m gonna get started. Well, you know what? Why don’t you be unstoppable now? Why don’t you be resentless now? Why don’t you […]

Black Panther didn’t make excuses. You need to be more resilient!

Black Panther. So when you saw him doing all this fighting and he is doing, he had to learn it even though he knew he was sick and he was dying. But yet some of us make excuses. The fact that we were back into school. But you know what? We had lockdown. So you […]

We need to do more to solve this youth knife crime issue

Firstly, massive shout out to, uh, Mr. Wright. That’s Ian Wright. Uh, Mr. Elbar, Adidas and Arsenal Football Club. Um, reason why I’m saying that is because Arsenal are doing a campaign against Anti Knife crime. No Red Day cuz youth violence in 2021 when it came to knife crime was sky high. They say […]