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Adrian Tuitt Motivational Speaker

Be happy with yourself – stop seeking approval!

I believe our happiness should be our priority, you know, and how we see ourselves and how we see life as a whole. And I think a lot of us are guilty. I’m guilty of doing this myself, and where we seek approval from other individuals from society. To be accepted, to gain happiness. We want to look and act and dress and have materialistic items to impress others, which is limited, limited happiness.

When that fades away back to reality, and I think it’s a dangerous game that you play by doing that. Cause you never know yourself, you’re being someone that you’re not, and in a race that you’re never gonna win, you’re always gonna be chasing that next step of happiness on. We need to make sure that we look at ourselves and find happiness from within.

You know, um, I, I say to people all the time that you are enough. You are enough in how you are. And if someone doesn’t accept you, you know, into that circle or part of that group or friendship whatever it is, then they’re not meant to be in your life. You know, the right people will come into your life, at the right time.

So find who you are. Live in peace and find happiness from within is very important. Don’t seek it. It’s here :heart:

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