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We need to do more to solve this youth knife crime issue

Firstly, massive shout out to, uh, Mr. Wright. That’s Ian Wright. Uh, Mr. Elbar, Adidas and Arsenal Football Club. Um, reason why I’m saying that is because Arsenal are doing a campaign against Anti Knife crime. No Red Day cuz youth violence in 2021 when it came to knife crime was sky high. They say on stats there’s around 10,000 incidents throughout the whole year.

We all know there was probably more than that. Let’s say there was 12,000, that’s at least a thousand young people, teenagers that got. Okay. Each month, and there was around 30, they say again, of fatality deaths that happened. Now those numbers are scary. It’s scary, scary because that’s someone’s child, you know?

That’s, that’s someone’s brother, you know, that’s, that could be your cousin, That could be your child. All right. And more needs to be done. We need to tackle this problem like now cause it’s only gonna get worse. And with the pandemic poverty, Yeah, it’s gonna increase. And they’ve, they’ve invested less in the youth.

They’ve taken away the youth clubs. They’ve invested into youth less in schools, so there’s less positive actions for them to do even outside of school, and that’s why they get groomed and get into gangs, which creates the violence. All right. And like these kids, man, they’re. The kids, the teenagers, they’re gifted.

They’ve got so much they can do and achieve. It doesn’t need to go down that actual route. So the government need to help the people at the top need to help. And we need more positive role models to talk to the youth and show them a path on what they can, what they can do, and they can go out there and then be the best version of themselves, not the person going out there and stabbing and killing each other.

It, it’s just, not worth it and it’s is so toxic. Most importantly. Share this video because the right people need to see it all. And if any way I can help, I can help speaking, mentoring. One. to ones, talking. I’m here. All right. Peace.

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