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AT- The speaker you need to shake up perspectives and inspire change! Adrian spoke to our KS3 pupils in Warwick about bullying, peer pressure and positive choice. His energetic and dynamic delivery, saw the sessions fly by with students feeling both reflective and empowered by what they had heard. Adrian read the room perfectly and adapted his delivery to involve greater participation the younger the pupil whilst adapting to a more scaffolded questioning approach for our more reserved older pupils. He embedded his principles into real life stories and relatable examples which enabled the pupils to really connect with the content and its relatability to them. The way in which Adrian tailored his speech to our school context and issues meant that the learning related to the wider aspects of our pupil's school lives and supported the work we were doing on anti-bullying perfectly. A thoroughly informative, engaging and impactful morning for all our pupils with his approachability and warmth, resulting in pupils queuing up to see him after for a chat and to say thank you. Can't wait for the next time AT comes to our school!

The session has had a far reaching effect so far - children proudly wearing their bands, staff and pupils referring to the key catch phrases 'the time is now' 'OQP' etc We've moved on to focusing on 'Perseverance' so all you said remains relevant. You definitely appear to have reached out to all the children but most especially those we wanted to target.

Adrian provided our new year 7 cohort (225 students) with a motivational talk during their induction day in September. Adrian's delivery was inspiring and engaging, supporting our students to make a positive start to secondary school. The talk was tailored to meet our Academy core values and ethos. I was able to provide an insight into the key focus areas we wanted to be addressed, which he was happy to incorporate. I would recommend Adrian to speak to your students and we look forward to welcoming him back in the near future.

Adrian came in to school to speak at our Year 6 Graduation at the end of the 2019-21 school year. The pupils were already familiar with Adrian from his coaching, so it was great for them to see him in his other role. Adrian spoke with passion and positivity to the pupils, parents and staff. In a short timeframe of 15 minutes, he had everyone taking part and interacting, feeling motivated and inspired. These particular pupils had experienced a difficult year in many ways, but Adrian made sure they left our school feeling ready for their next step in their education and their lives.

It’s clear to see Adrian’s passion and drive for working with young children as soon as you meet him. When he came to meet some of my students who are typically disengaged in lesson, they were hooked by his natural charisma and friendly delivery style. Students showed a lot of interest in what he had to say and this was evident through the great questions they asked at the end. Furthermore, all of the students he spoke to have now gone on to complete their work experiences really successfully, with a positive and driven mindset. I feel that meeting Adrian definitely contributed to this shift in attitude and self-belief.

It’s rare that you come across such a good mentor and influencer of young people like Adrian. We hired Adrian to support us, in a high-risk family safeguarding case, to provide frontline intervention and support, that initial intervention has developed into a long-term contract of support which is in part due to Adrian’s amazing intervention. I was particularly impressed by Adrian’s ability to build a positive relationship in such a short period of time. That skill often takes years to develop among mentors, however appears perfectly naturally to him.

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