Adrian Tuitt, inspirational speaking at KAA in front of year 7, cohort 225 students during their induction week.

AT before heading into a motivational talk in North London, in front of 270 students.

It all started with..

The Little Runners

I founded The Little Runners over a decade ago, coaching young children at schools as a sports coach, motivating and ensuring they hit and exceed their targets.


Proudly supporting children for over a decade

Getting noticed...

Featured in the Papers

After many years of successfully coaching children, I was featured in the Hackney Gazette newspaper for my work and contribution to the youth.


It was humbling to be featured for all my hard work

From sports to mind-set...

Motivational Speaker

A decade after sports in schools, I wanted to go further and reach children and young people everywhere. I began my journey as a motivational speaker


One must exercise the mind as well as the body

From schools to lockdown

Motivating from everywhere

I was getting noticed and booked for speaking at schools but then lockdown came so I switched to motivating online and continued to inspire people increasing my reach over 1000%

2020 - 2021

From schools to digital to stories and interviews

Time is now

The present moment

Now that schools are back to normaility, teachers and young people alike are under pressure to catch up and adjust. I seek to be ever so active in working with organisations, schools and individuals in helping to build a bright future for everybody.

2022 - present

Inspiring a brighter future

Motivated and Disciplined

As a child, I excelled at sports and I always knew that this was the path I wanted to take. In school, I was known as ‘Runner’ due to being the fastest, this further encouraged me and my aspirations grew as quickly as my reputation in sports did. This increased my self-confidence and with the backing of my parents, I became even more active and involved. However along the way I also realised that for some it was not that easy – they, unfortunately, gave up on their dreams for one reason or another. I knew as I got older that this was the direction in which I wanted to head, to help others and inspire them to not give up – not at the first, second or even at the third hurdle – but to always chase their dreams and to reach that all-important finish line!

I initially founded The Little Runners, a sports in schools programme that still assists in inspiring confidence in youngsters across many schools in London today. I then progressed, going onto give motivational talks. I realised at the start that I had a natural gift to inspire and an ability to change the lives of people who, without my direction and guidance, would otherwise have failed.

Today I play a more active part in working with organisations, schools and programmes in helping young people achieve and feel motivated to go forward beyond what they think they could do.

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