Top 10 featured talks for your students

… and some key talking points

  • 1. Perserverance
    Determination and persistence, challenges and setbacks, growth mindset, developing resilience, and boucing back from failure and adversity
  • 2. Mental Health
    Promoting awareness, early intervention, encouraging self-care, improving academic performance, and building a supportive community
  • 3. Accountability
    Taking responsibility, respect, trust, acting with integrity, personal growth, learning from mistakes, and building success
  • 4. Limiting Distractions
    Effective learning and productivity, improving memory retention and recall, procrastination, self-discipline, and good study habits
  • 5. Friendship Groups
    Social and emotional development, choosing positive and supportive friends, peer pressure, bullying, and characteristics of healthy friendships
  • 6. Self-Belief
    Confidence and motivation, persisting through difficult tasks, setting goals, taking calculated risks, positive attitude and thinking habits, anxiety, self-doubt, and improving self-esteem
  • 7. Exam Motivation & Tips
    Preparation, self-discipline, goal setting, study plans, organisation, taking breaks, regularly reviewing notes, healthy habits, asking for help, and avoiding burnout
  • 8. Staying Focused
    Productivity, impact of multitasking, study environments, task prioritisation, taking breaks, self-discipline, and time-management skills
  • 9. Behaviour
    Respect, taking responsibility, accountability, impacts of positive and negative behaviour, consequences, developing positive behaviours, learning from mistakes, self-awareness, and good role models
  • 10. Importance Of Working Hard
    The value of effort and dedication, strong work ethics, expectations of the academic and professional world, taking initiative, being proactive, and developing resilience and grit despite challenges and setbacks

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