Frequently Asked Questions

One talk can take up to 50mins 

Yes, I can deliver 3 talks scheduled throughout the day.

Though you can send an email request in, I would highly encourage you to use the online digital diary which will guide you completely and help me to assess your needs to reduce any back and forth.  Please click here to use the digital diary enquiry form.

I reside in London but I will travel to any borough or town to deliver a talk, even abroad.

Sure! I can deliver many topics across the curriculum. Please state your requirements on the booking form so that I can work with you to plan out the best possible workshop or talk

It's tough to just give you one set cost. There are many factors from audience age, topics, whether to include bespoke (and aligned) subjects in which I would conduct research for you, as well as distance and location and season.

Oh yes! Most definitely. I have been working in schools for over 10 years, started off as a sports coach and mentor for schools in and around London.  I am also the director of

I have a fully enhanced (clean) DBS
and is also on the updated service system.

Absolutely, this will be ideal as it's important I know information about your students and what outcomes you want to achieve from the visit.

Actively working with schools and organisations

Focusing on the young people of today, I work with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and organisations in special programmes, talks, and the development of students for the betterment of our society of tomorrow.

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