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Recent Promotion? Is a Lack of Confidence Holding You Back? Public Speaking?

Are you held back by a lack of confidence or have you recently been given a promotion at work knowing you can do the job and achieve, but wondering where on earth to begin and how you can possibly influence and motivate others? Are you anxious about public speaking and want to improve your communications skills? Regardless of the issue, Adrian can assist with his invaluable 1 to 1 coaching and mentoring.

Dealing with Challenging Situations & Individuals

Adrian can help you attain what you may think unattainable, deal with the most challenging of individuals and situations. Adrian has a unique gift, he is truly inspirational and he has the ability to instill confidence in even the shyest and most apprehensive of adults.

Personal 1 to 1 Coaching & Mentoring

One size does not fit all, everyone is different, each with their own personal issues and difficulties. Unfortunately, these problems can hold individuals back both in their personal life and career. Everyone at some point will encounter stressful situations, it is how you learn to deal with these situations that is of the utmost importance. Rather than lose confidence and focus, Adrian can help you to completely change your mindset, so that you can turn any negative thoughts or feelings into a positive and cope with any situation that arises. Adrian’s one to one coaching is extremely beneficial in that he instils self-confidence so you become more assertive. He helps you overcome your own individual problems and fears so that any issues or anxiety that held you back in the past simply evaporate. He is truly inspirational. What is more, he teaches in a calm, informal and fun way!

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