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According to a UK government survey taken in 2017 about one in twelve (8.1%) 5 to 19 year olds had an emotional disorder

source: NHS


The Right Path

In today’s society, mental health and emotional well-being are major issues, with children and young adults from all backgrounds and differentiating academic abilities being affected. Good physical health, regular exercise and eating a balanced diet have been shown to make a real impact and in turn, this has a knock-on effect in improving children’s discipline with schoolwork and studies.

From a young age, I realised this and understood how the different influences in my life had led me to take the ‘right’ path. Unfortunately today, so many children are easily misled and influenced to take the wrong road whether this be getting in with the wrong crowd, the negative influences of social media, a poor home life or quite simply a lack of self-confidence and self-worth.

For Schools & Colleges

Choosing the Right Path

I know I have the ability to change this, to influence every child or young adult, to lead them onto the right path – where they can realise their abilities and reach their goals. I take great pride in the fact I have helped so many children, even those with dire behavioural issues, I have managed to turn their lives around completely.

The Right Mindset & Realising Their Own Self-Worth

Sport changed me and I recognised that it had a far reaching influence on children and young adults, even those children who are not sports orientated and had little or no interest in it. It inspires confidence in children, they learn to be part of a team and it gives them the right mindset so that academically they improve.

Learning How & When to Say ‘NO’

I have real empathy and I honestly believe regardless of behavioural issues etc. that every child can reach their full potential and grow they just need confidence, the right direction and guidance.

Achieving Success & Fulfilling Their Dreams

I believe that every child deserves a chance and I hope to always give them that – that one chance to turn their life around so that they achieve in whatever path they choose. I want to promote the benefits of sports in communities, the feeling of belonging and the personal rewards that can be gained from the effort you put in, regardless of whether you win or lose! This is the future, I want to reach out to all children and young adults to show them that they can succeed and realise their dreams.

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