Inspiring the Youth

It all begins with a positivity. I am Adrian Tuitt and I motivate young people for a better outlook

I have worked with many schools and organisations

Focusing on the young people of today, I work with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and organisations in special programmes, talks, and the development of students for the betterment of our society of tomorrow.

Let's talk

I cover many topics for students and young people, from being confident, making the right choices, being the best version of yourself, the importance of working hard, having a positive mindset, self worth and so much more.

My aspirations

With over ten years in running my own sports in schools coaching company, I decided it's more important than ever to shift towards coaching the mentality of our young generation in the goal of a better future for the society I very much grew up in and spent much of professional career being involved with.

Just have a look at these interesting stats

School Exclusions

Research suggests that exclusions are linked to mental heatlh problems



9.3% of 16-24 year olds are not in education, employment or training

Social Anxiety

Social media has lead to FOMO and feeling of inadequacy


Mental Health

50% of mental health problems are established by age 14

Time is now

Here are some of the packages below simply for reference - please proceed to packages and bookings page for more information.

Motivational Talk

from £500
  • 30 Minutes
  • Includes 3 Topics
  • Stage / Hall / Assembly Talk
  • Up to 200 Students
  • Visual Presentation

After-Talk Workshop

from £250
  • Ideal to initiate after Motivational Talk
  • 1hr classroom session
  • Up to 12 Students
  • Student Engagement & QA
  • Topics: Goal setting, behaviour, personal development, aspirations


£ 150
  • 40 Minutes
  • Remote Video / Call Session
  • Open Discussion (1-1)
  • Planning & Development
  • Block Booking Discount

Black History Month

from £499 Limited Time
  • 45 Minutes Talk
  • 15 Minutes Student Q&A
  • Story of Adrian Tuitt
  • The Struggles and the Success
  • The Impact on the Community


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OQP is what I strive to be for others and so I am grateful to all those who have positivity and love for what I do.

The session has had a far reaching effect so far - children proudly wearing their bands, staff and pupils referring to the key catch phrases 'the time is now' 'OQP' etc We've moved on to focusing on 'Perseverance' so all you said remains relevant.

Linda Sarr Headteacher - Risley Avenue Primary School

Adrian provided our new year 7 cohort (225 students) with a motivational talk during their induction day in September. Adrian's delivery was inspiring and engaging, supporting our students to make a positive start to secondary school.

Ryan Bernard Vice Principal - Pastoral / Kensington Aldbridge Academy

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