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Is mentoring right for my child?

With 70% of young people not receiving the right support for a mental health problem, mentoring has never been more important. Having a mentor for your child will make a huge difference. To help them with their self-esteem, confidence and emotions and supporting them through a time of crisis or change. This isn’t just restricted for the short term, but often, a mentor and the mentee will form a long-term relationship. 

Benefits of mentoring

One to one time
Mentoring sessions enable quality one to one time between the mentor and your child. Making sure the focus is on your child at all times.

Improved communication skills
Having someone that your child can speak to in a trusted environment, will help them to open up. Expressing feelings at a young age is really important, as it will help contribute to strong emotional intelligence as they get older

Stronger relationship with family and peers
Having the experience of talking to someone, will enable them to easily do this with family and peers too.

Improved behaviour
Mentoring helps ensure young people stay on the right track. A mentor can help identify goals and ambitions and guide you towards making the right choices. 

Mentoring helps to bring out confidence and raise self-esteem. Getting them to realise positive things and feelings about themselves. 

mentoring in children

How to find the right mentor

With so many mentoring services out there, how do you find the right one for your child? Here are some practical things to consider.

Look for a mentor who has overcome similar obstacles
Finding someone that is relatable will help form a trusted bond. Having shared life experiences will really help to form an honest and trusted relationship. 

Make sure they have proven experience
Finding a mentor that has proven experience or testimonials is important. You’ll be able to get an idea of who they have helped and how they have made an impact. 

Ask questions
It’s important to ask questions before choosing a mentor. Make sure they know the main issues you want them to discuss with your child and identify areas you want to cover. Asking these vital questions beforehand will help you choose the right mentor that will be a success. 

How I can help

My mission in life is to further improve and develop the mental health and ability of students. I support and motivate young people to reach their goals and ambitions and importantly, help with their personal development. I know that one size does not fit all, which is why each mentoring session is different. My one-to-one mentoring sessions will help you turn negative feelings into positive ones and help you to be more confident and assertive. Whether you’e faced with fears, anxiety or anything else that is holding you back, I will help to completely change your mindset. 

If you want to talk to discuss how I can help please get in touch.

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