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Covid 19 Advice, Free Laptops And Tablets For Children, and The BBC Providing Free Education On TV and On Demand

Hi, My name is Adrian Tuitt.

I am a motivational speaker and sports coach with ten years of experience. Throughout the years, I have assisted children and adults from companies and other organisations. I have inspired confidence in youngsters to follow their dreams. Empowered teams within companies and helped individuals overcome their fears. Those who have experienced my sessions have then gone onto prosper to a better life.

As part of my mission, I have decided to create informative articles which will be published every Monday.

Monday 11th January

As we reach a new year, new goals and new opportunities are open for grabs, although the current situation isn’t great, we must all stay extremely focused now more than ever.

With London following Scotland going into lockdown 3.0, I thought it was a good idea to be proactive and share my thoughts and knowledge that may benefit people during these tough times.

First of all please wear your mask to protect yourself and the NHS. If you do start to feel unwell or notice any symptoms, such as a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, you should get a test to see if you have coronavirus straight away.

For more information please visit the NHS website: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Below I have curated a list of helpful information that I hope serves you well.

BBC will be providing education programs for primary and secondary schools

If you haven’t already heard, starting from today Monday 11th January, the BBC will be providing a three-hour block of primary school programming from 9 am. They will be covering structured lessons in Maths and English for all year groups. They will also be covering more curriculum subjects that will also be in line with the Spring curriculum.

Two hours of content will be provided for secondary school pupils on BBC 2 for support with the GCSE curriculum. Bitesize will be providing two-week learning packs for English and Maths in KS3 (Years7, 8 and 9). Students in Year 10 and 11 can access Bitesize GCSE which will allow them to pick their exam boards and subjects.

For more information visit the BBC website link below:

BBC delivers biggest Education offer in its history – including devoting significant airtime to Education on BBC Two

Free Laptops and tablets from the Department for Education

During (Covid -19) The department for Education has been providing schools with laptops and tablets to help children and families access remote education. They have also been supporting disadvantaged children who may need an internet connection to get online.

The (DFE) has created a “Get help with technology” program to help provide hundreds of thousands more laptops, with an aim to reach over 1 million by the end of the academic year.

For more information visit the Gov website link below:

Get laptops and tablets for children who cannot attend school due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please feel free to pass on this information or contact me via my website.

Stay safe, stay motivated.

The time is now!

Adrian Tuitt

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