What impact has coronavirus had on children?

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There’s no denying that coronavirus has impacted everyone around the world, in one way or another. However, children have been hit hardest. Particularly those who already faced challenges in their life to deal with. Whether that be coming from a low income family, being a carer or living with an underlying condition. The rise in […]

Is mentoring right for my child?

With 70% of young people not receiving the right support for a mental health problem, mentoring has never been more important. Having a mentor for your child will make a huge difference. To help them with their self-esteem, confidence and emotions and supporting them through a time of crisis or change. This isn’t just restricted […]

Emotional health and the importance in children

Emotional health is extremely important for your child. Particularly when children develop into adulthood, having self-awareness will help them deal with the ups and downs. However, it does not exist independently, but physical health plays a huge part. Having good physical health contributes to good emotional health. So what does good emotional health look like? […]

10 reasons why your school needs a motivational speaker

A motivational speaker can have a huge impact on young people. A motivational speaker isn’t just limited to conferences or events, but they are also hugely beneficial for schools. A powerful motivational speaker will instil confidence, inspire and help young people stay on the right path. According to a recent government survey in 2017, one […]

How to promote physical activity in children

Physical activity in children

Physical activity in children is extremely important. Not only is it beneficial to their physical health in maintaining healthy bones and muscles, it is also beneficial to children’s mental health. Physical activity helps children’s self-esteem, increases enthusiasm, behaviour and also promotes teamwork and friendship. Physical activity in children should not be limited during school time, […]

Let’s talk about self-esteem


Self-esteem is how a person feels about themselves. With the pressures of modern life, particularly over the last year, children’s confidence has plummeted. Being away from school, lack of socialising and having to deal with the ‘pandemic’ has had a huge impact on children’s self-esteem. A lot of other things contribute to low self-esteem which […]

What is a professional coach and what are the benefits?

Adrian Tuitt Professional Coach

You often see the word professional coach floating around on the internet today, but what exactly do they do? A professional coach aims to positively transform and improve your career, relationships, organisations and anything else that you need help with.  A professional coach isn’t there to tell you what to do or what step to […]


As we reach our second week in my articles, I have been wondering what useful information I can provide for my LinkedIn community. Although my main focus has been on the youth, over the years I have managed to build up a strong client base for my mentoring sessions of all ages. So it only seemed fair for me […]

Covid 19 Advice, Free Laptops And Tablets For Children, and The BBC Providing Free Education On TV and On Demand

Hi, My name is Adrian Tuitt. I am a motivational speaker and sports coach with ten years of experience. Throughout the years, I have assisted children and adults from companies and other organisations. I have inspired confidence in youngsters to follow their dreams. Empowered teams within companies and helped individuals overcome their fears. Those who have […]